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  • I really am good at what I do

    I normally don't like to toot my own horn, but I helped a home owner with a heating problem today, that was a real puzzle.
    and I got it solved, in less then 12 hours, the home owner is very happy and so am I.
    The reason I am writing this is not that I solved this difficult problem, but that I am so good at this. and so few people know about what I do.
    My website https://masterplumber.net has been around for 18 years, in this time I have helped many many home owners with their plumbing and heating problems.
    But now my website is losing ground and getting less and less traffic, even though I do my best to follow the Google guide lines, for me it sucks, because I am not making any money, but it sucks more for the home owners who would benefit greatly from the service I provide, I don't charge for helping people, so paying for ads, would be pointless.
    Anyway It is not fair to me or you, that my website is slowly being removed from the search engines, and being replaced by sites, that are not as helpful as mine.
    I answer all plumbing and heating questions, all day long.


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