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  • I have a new green lawn deal

    This new green lawn deal, could be the answer to many of this country's problems (USA).
    It will reduce our carbon footprint.
    It will help with the obesity problem.
    We will reduce the need for oil by millions of gallons a day.
    We will not only welcome our friends from south of the border, we will go and get them.
    We will have parades in their honer.
    We will not let them go back to their home country.
    We will insist that a wall be built, so that they cannot leave this country.
    And both sides of the government will be in full agreement.
    So what is this NEW GREEN LAWN Deal?
    It's so simple, I can't believe I am the very first person to see it.
    Are you ready? here it is.
    A country wide ban on all gasoline lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers and all other gasoline burning lawn equipment.
    And if you get your electric power from a power plant that used fossil fuels , you can not use electric lawn equipment either.
    Solar, wind or water, power is okay.
    So you ask, how will we get our lawns mowed? Simple we use hand pushed lawn mowers.
    Now think about this, before you dismiss the idea, millions of gallons of oil saved every day, your fat ass losses weight and your obesity, your diabetes go away forever, your heart gets stronger and you sleep real good every night.
    Now lets say your real job prevents you from being able to cut your lawn yourself or you are already too far gone to get back into shape.
    Remember our friends south of the border, looking for work to feed their families? you know the ones we all building a wall to keep out?
    Even though we have slapped them in the face for being poor and hungry, I will bet they are still willing to come and cut and trim your lawn, by hand, for a very reasonable price, that is if they are not already over booked. What do you know the gates to Mexico have one way doors, coming in to the USA only, shit I bet you will even find it in your heart to put the whole family up, so that they will not go and work for someone else.
    The benefits of this new green lawn deal are so great, lets recap.
    We use less oil,
    We have cleaner air.
    We get in shape.
    We sleep real good at night.
    We stop fearing our friends south of the border.
    Land in Mexico will be very cheep to buy.
    Briggs and Stratton will be building the best push lawn mowers in the world,
    Thank you for considering this great idea.
    The Lawn Lord.
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    This is very funny, thanks for posting it on my website.
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