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    It is not easy to live with depression, for me the drugs don't work, and I had to stop trying new drugs.
    The antidepressant drugs that I have tried, turned me into another person, but did not help me with the depression, in fact they almost pushed me over to edge.
    There are a few undeniable facts, the first is, life really does suck, it is not in my mind, and no drug can change that.
    The next is, hard work is the only real treatment for depression, this really pisses me off, but it is the truth.
    People who do not have depression, can never understand depression, people say to me "I don't understand what you are depressed about" I answer "get down on your knees and thank god that you can't understand".
    I have heard people say "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem " I answer "depression is a relentless torment"
    I am so thankful that people who don't have to deal with this horrible problem, can't understand it.
    I just ask that you understand it is very real to me.
    I would like to talk about the hard work treatment I mentioned before.
    Hard work does make me feel better, when I have to work very very hard, I actually feel great after the work is done.
    The problem is getting motivated to go to work, it's not as simple as telling yourself, "the harder you work the better you will feel" even though it is the truth.
    It can be and has been impossible for me to drag my ass out of bed and to go to work, the battle in my mind is very intense, sometimes I win sometimes I lose.
    Now that I am older and have other health problems, I can not work very hard anymore, and I cannot get that great feeling anymore.
    This is very depressing.
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