Well pump issue.

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  • Well pump issue.

    I have a submersible pump in a shallow well. Couple of weeks ago the water quit running and then started back . It happened while I was ago and wife reported it. I checked it when I got home and all was working well. Happened again today....goes like this....pump shuts off and pressure goes all the way to zero. Then pump comes on and builds up to about 40 psi (which is the cut on pressure) and then cuts off and with the water running it goes back down to zero. Repeats this pattern. While this is happening the contacts stay closed for the pump to be running but pump shuts off anyway. Now its back to normal...up to 60 psi and cuts off and back to 40 and then on again. While the problem was occurring I opened the contact of the pressure switch and the pump shut off and back on when i released it. Don't seem to be a pressure switch problem.

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    Hi Terry
    A few things come to mind. The first is, the pump motor is getting hot and shutting down, due to a thermal safety breaker, built into the motor, when the motor gets hot it shuts the motor off, and when it cools, it lets the motor run again,
    This may mean that you need to replace the motor, but it is possible that the motor is short cycling, and this is making it get too hot.
    A well pump motor is designed to come on and run for at least 1 minute before it shuts off, when the pump is setup right for the well tank, it should do that, but if the gallons per minute is too high for the volume of the well tank, the pump will shut off before it has run a full minute, so if the pump comes on and off several times in a minute, it causes the pump motor to get hot, and will cause the breaker to shut it down.
    A water logged well tank will also cause a pump to short cycle.
    But it could also be the pump is on it's way out.

    the other thing is the nipple that the pressure switch is connected to, may be partly clogged, this will cause a false reading, but if as you said, the contacts were closed and the pump stopped running, it is probably not the nipple.
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