Jetpump kick in problem

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  • Jetpump kick in problem

    I have a gould 1hp jet pump at my home. The problem i have is the pump on occasions will not startup. At first I would go under the house, tap the switch and it would kick on and do good for 2 or three months. Then it would happen again with the same procedure to get it going. Then it happened again. This time the pressure switch burned to a crisp. I replaced the switch. Everything was great for a few months then it started again. I would get up in the morning just to find we had no water. Go under the house tap the switch and it cuts on. Then it started throwing the breaker so I replaced the 20 amp breaker. Thought that had solved the problem until a week ago. The pump stopped so went under to check it out. Switch burned out again. Replaced the switch. All was well til today. Pump didn't start. I went under the house again, tapped the switch, got water. What is wrong with this pump? Ever heard this before? Can you help?

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    I will try to help
    First, is the crawl space very damp?
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