Stuck on a shower issue

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  • Stuck on a shower issue

    I recently moved into a place with a 4 handle tub/shower. With the shower, the hot has to be all the way on to get any pressure, but the SLIGHTEST adjustment of the cold faucet changes the temp from scalding to freezing. Water heater and temp there has been checked. Questions are, what is the likely issue? And two, what brand or replacement are these handles? With the set screw removed, the handle will not freely come off. Thanks so much guys.

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    Good morning
    if the pressure to the tub is good on the hot water side, and the shower side is bad, it can be a few things.
    Galvanized pipe in the wall, may have clogged between the the tub and shower.
    A washer broke apart, in the hot water valve and pieces are restriction the flow.
    My bet is it is the galvanized pipe.
    The faucet looks like a Kohler faucet.
    you may need to get a handle removal tool.
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