Leaky old style tub faucet hot water leak

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  • Leaky old style tub faucet hot water leak

    Hello I have a steady leak on my dual valve tub faucet. There is no way to shut off the h2o source to the tub and it drains all our hot water. I don't know where to begin to order parts. I have watched videos to other style fixes and did not want to make it worse if I can not get parts. I keep hearing it is an easy fix. Please help

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    Good morning Shawn This looks like an old American Standard faucet, The instructions you mentioned should work with this type of faucet.
    But this may be very old and parts may break rather then come apart, so you may be opening a can of worms by trying to fix it.
    If you do try to fix it, be prepared, you may end up having to replace the whole faucet. Even if you called a real plumber, it can still break and you may still end up replacing the faucet.
    Sorry I could not be more helpful.
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