Was I overcharged for Expansion Tank

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  • Was I overcharged for Expansion Tank

    I live in PA and my gas supplied hot water tank recently malfunctioned. I arrived home to find it spitting water out of the top, bottom and sides. I was able to get it shut off before the pressure reached critical. I had a plumber come and quote me on a new water tank around $1200 L&M. While he was in the process of Installing the tank he informed me that it is a requirement now in PA to have an expansion tank installed. That was an additional $450 Labor and Material on top of the $1200 for the Tank Labor and Material. Was this a necessary product?

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    It's not possible for me to say, what another plumber should charge for their services.
    I do not know what the code in PA is, so I can't say if you had to have an expansion tank installed or not.
    Even if it was not required by code, you may have needed one anyway,
    If the new water heater was larger then the old one, you may have needed the expansion tank.
    if the new water heater was the same size but had a higher recovery rate, you may have needed an expansion tank,
    But if you replaced the old water heater with a water heater that is the same size and recovery rate, and did not need an expansion tank before, you may not have needed one on the new water heater, unless it is required by code.
    The only problem I have with what you posted, is, if the expansion tank was required by code, you should have been told that before any work was started, and it should have been notified about the extra cost before the work started.
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