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  • Suitable dip Tube replacement part

    I have a 14 year old AO Smith 50 gallon natural gas water heater. FCG-50-248, serial # GD03-1433845-248. I suspect the diptube is broken or cracked since our normally hot water cools off quicker than it used to. AO Smith claims that part is no longer manufactured and cannot provide a replacement part number. I can't imagine the inlet nipple and/or dip tube on that unit is unique. The inlet is threaded, but I don't want to take it apart unless I know I have a viable replacement in hand. I understand I've probably gotten more use from the unit than expected, but it's not leaking and I would rather spend $20 on a diptube than $600 on a new water heater.

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    Yes you can get a generic dip tube, and put it in the water heater, but all you really need to do is move the cold water inlet to the drain fitting on the bottom of the water heater, simply remove the drain fitting, get a brass nipple long enough for your needs, a brass tee, install nipple, tee, drain fitting, and cold water pipe into the tee, 3/4" on most water heaters, then cap off the cold water inlet on top of the water heater.
    Going with the generic tube, may be a trail and error, thing, the new tube can fall into the water heater.
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