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  • Air vent leaking

    We just bought our house and I went to the basement to familiarize myself with the heating system and I saw that the air vent on the air purger appears to be leaking. It's a gas boiler system that was installed in the 1980s but seems to be in good shape; the inspector also thought it looked good. There's clearly been replacement of some of the parts and the previous owners say they had it inspected and maintained regularly. The We are getting heat and hot water.

    It's the evening where I live. I'm planning to call a specialist tomorrow -- is this something that can wait until then? Do we need to have someone come out on an emergency basis, or can it wait until Monday if they're not available over the weekend? Is there anything else I should do to make sure my system doesn't fail?


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    It may not be an emergency, if the boiler has at least 5 PSI and you have heat to the upper floor,
    make sure the water is not leaking into any electrical control, and you can wait.
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      Boiler PSI is 10-15 and it's not leaking onto anything electrical. But we don't actually have heat to the upper floor of the house. I just went down and checked on it and the leak has stopped and it's totally dry. I'll call someone tomorrow. Thanks for your quick reply.



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