Weil McLain CGa Not Firing

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  • Weil McLain CGa Not Firing

    Good morning! Woke up to a cold house this morning. The boiler will not fire. Tstat calls for heat the circ pump starts, damper doesn't open and the boiler doesn't ignite. Water level and pressure are fine. I thought the problem was damper so I flipped the switch to hold open and manually opened it. Boiler will still not fire, it doesn't even make a sound. Usually, you hear gas filling in tubes and clicking of the igniter. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my wife and kids are getting cold.

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    It can be a number of things, first check to see if the spill switch tripped, a spill switch is a little disk on the hood of the draft. it has a little button on it press it to see if it will reset.
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      Thanks for the quick reply! After some troubleshooting with my multimeter, I found the problem. The Rollout Thermal fuse corroded. I jumped it, for now, just to warm the house up and will be going to the plumbing supply house first thing in the morning.



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